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Austrian word of the Week – Lung Ripper

Smoking and Lungs Poster

Beuschlreißer: Lung Ripper — “Beuschel” is a word worth remembering lest you accidental find yourself consuming an Austrian specialty of the same name – Beuschl – which is nothing more than chopped lung in some kind of white sauce. Don’t say you weren’t warned.  The second half the compound word – reißer – comes from the German word  “reißen” meaning “to rip.” So together the word literally translated means “Lung Ripper” — which is a reference to any activity that is so strenuous to your lungs that the pressure could cause them to rip apart. It is often used as a creative way to describe strong cigarettes. Personally, I was thinking more along the lines of a strenuous run.

Wappler swearing in Austria

Der Kleine Wappler – How to swear and bad mouth in Austria

Read more interesting Austrian Rant Words: “Der Kleine Wappler” by Astrid Wintersberger, Residenz Verlag — book is completely in Austrian language.

More Words of the Week

Beuschlreißer: Lung Ripper

Blechtrottel: Tin Idiot


Eierbär: Eggsbear

Eifersucht, Frühlingsmüdigkeit, Hungerlohn, Torschlusspanik, Schadenfreude, Weltschmerz, Katzenjammer, Freitod, Holzpyjama, Lebensmüde, Fernweh

Fetzenschädel: Rags Skull

Geistesvernichtungsanstalt: Spirit Annihilation Asylum


Häuslpapierfladerer: House Paper Thief


Krautwacher: Cabbage Guard

Putzgretl: Cleaning Gretl

Saubär: Pig Bear

Treppenwitz: Stair Joke