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The Top 10 of the Top 5 Expat Bloggers in Austria – Week 4: Austrian Adaptation

Panorama of Karhorn peak - image from Friedrich Böhringer, Wikimedia

As mentioned, back in April of this year,the English language online news blog, The Local, featured “The Five Best Expat Blogs in Austria.” The five of us thought it might be fun to do something together so the other four ex-pat bloggers agreed to appear on my blog with their top 10 favorite things Austrian.

During the first week, expat blogger, Kristina Cosumano from the blog, The Practice Room wrote about her love of unusual, forgotten places and shared some very interesting ones.

Week 2 was A Mommy Abroad, Emily, who confessed a new found love of Krapfen.

The third week included my favorites and an Oachkatzlschwoaf challenge: KC Blau’s Top 10 Favorite Austrian Things.

This week, week four, ex-pat blogger Carly Hulls, of the blog, Austrian Adaptation, an “Aussie girl’s perspective on living in Austria,” shares her top 10.

Expat Blogger, Carly Hull’s Top 10 Favorite Austrian Things

1) Food



It would be boring to say Schnitzel, so I’m going to go with Kaiserschmarrn. But its only best when you’re at the top of a Mountain after a morning of skiing in perfect bluebird conditions – then it’s absolutely heavenly.

2) Drink

I’ve actually developed a deep love for the Apfelsaft gespritz since moving here, it weaned me off my Diet Coke addiction which can only be a good thing. Second vote would be a weiss wine gespritz or a Hugo on a summer’s day.

3) Film or TV Show

We don’t have a TV so I’m rubbish for that question and unfortunately my Deutsch is not quite up to watching Austrian films yet. On the advice of some of my blog readers I’ve just recently started watching Tatort to improve my German which is strangely intriguing.

Tatort Crime Series

Tatort Crime Series

4) Book

I’ve been making my way through some Stefan Zweig novels but my absolute favorite book to paint a picture of Austria/Vienna during WWII is Night Falls on the City by Sarah Gaiman. An incredibly vivid and moving read.

5) Month

October is beautiful. Fresh weather, Autumn leaves and the winter coats come out. I’m a summertime beach baby at heart but in Vienna, October is definitely the prettiest month – plus pumpkins are finally in season!

6) Place

Tirol. I’ll always have a soft spot for the mountains, the ski fields, the food and the gorgeous little villages. I’m always telling my mister that he grew up in a fairytale village.

Egon Schiele Self Portrait

Egon Schiele Self Portrait

7) Historical Figure

Tough call – you have to respect Maria Theresia for all that she did for Austria. But I think if I had to invite a party guest it would be Egon Schiele or Gustav Klimt to get their impressions of early 20th Century Europe and art.

8) Tradition / Past time

The Perchten festival in Tirol is a special one for me – my very first week in Austria was the week of Perchten and I had no  idea what was going on but I loved it!Now I know what Krampus and the devils are all about and can dodge the ‘Teufels’ that roam the streets armed with coal.

9) Song

Any après-ski singalong that has dance moves to go along with it! They are so adorable and get the whole bar involved in ridiculous moves. The Fliegerlied is a fave because we taught my whole Aussie family all the moves last Christmas.

10) Word

Brustwarze. Come on…a wart on your breast is a nipple? That’s comedy gold, every time!

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