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Eternally Vienna

Roses in Burggarten

Roses in Burggarten

Wien, Wien

Heart pounding, cheeks flushing

Like the very first time

cafe and Kebab, Fiaker and Schnitzel

treading lightly into an unwritten future through streets trodden with the  past

lanes orchestrating

Prater's Riesenrad

Prater’s Riesenrad

life encounters

arteries pulsating

joy and sorrow

Donaukanal’s winter wind stinging,

Augarten’s black ravens singing,

Burggarten’s roses soothing

Fiaker, Horse drawn carriages, in Vienna

Fiaker at St. Stephan’s Cathedral

and Gloriette’s morning view

Bahr, Kraus, Altenberg, Schnitzler

Who has defined you?

all and none

being what you want to be

when the time comes to be it

I come to you and you leave with me

Vienna's Imperial Palace

Vienna’s Imperial Palace

to love you, impossible

to not, unthinkable

you give, you take

you heal, you break

Tombstone in Central Cemetery

Tombstone in Central Cemetery – “I love you, my Vienna”

you taunt, you charm

and go on and on

Immerwährende Wien. Immerwährende Wien. Print This Post