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The Number One Most New-Years-City in the World

 I’ve rung in many a New Year in my life. Some more eventful than others. I’ve bowled in Pittsburgh, admired the descending acorn in Raleigh, and unsuccessfully searched for the party in Parma, Italy and Mexico City (really my hot-blooded friends – no street parties on New Year’s?). One year I reserved bunks in the Y in NYC a year in advance just to get a chance to celebrate there. This proved a very good move – we got to see the ball drop at Time’s Square and the wild one of our bunch directed the after midnight crowd in a Manhatten pub in rounds of Auld Lang Syne.

Stage at Stephansdom New Year’s Eve

If only iPhones had been a thing back then! Another pre-selfie New Years that definitely tops my list was merenguing in the year with my favorite Chica and a whole bunch of other crazy Puerto Ricans on a boat in San Juan. Now THEY know how to rumba in the New Year. There have been other New Year Eves I hold dear and memorable because of the gorgeous scenery shared with those dearest to me – fireworks over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Big Island and an amazing night with 15 good friends in

Me – New Year’s Eve in Vienna

a hut on a mountain in the middle of the Alps (though I could have done without the 3 hour uphill hike in knee-deep snow to get there, the starry midnight sky and apricot schnapps were unbeatable).

I’ve had many a great and many a subdued New Year’s Eve. But with the perfect mix of class, culture, tradition and plain fun, New Year’s in Vienna remains my favorite.