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Pez – Because there’s an Inner Geek Lurking in all of Us

Sometimes it’s cool to be a geek. – KC Blau

Original Pez Dispensers resembled Lighters

Embrace your inner geek and own up to your love of one of the world’s most beloved and kitschy candies — an Austrian gift to the world and all that is geekily cool –Pez. The company that has managed to stay ahead of the game by keeping the same marketing strategy for decades by adapting the dispenser heads to the latest trends.

Mario Pez Dispenser

Brief History

In 1927, the Austrian Eduard Haas III introduced peppermint candies to Vienna, Austria under the name PEZ, from the German word Pfefferminz (peppermint).

The first dispensers were produced 22 years later in 1949 in the form of a lighter targeting adults as an alternative to smoking. In the 50s the ladies and the dispenser machines were introduced.

Pez first introduced the Pez Girls in the 1950s

And then 10 years later a contract with Disney was signed to feature their characters. Today over 4.2 billion Pez bricks are consumed annually worldwide, 3 billion in America alone.

Random Pez facts guaranteed to help you make friends and influence people

Around the world with Pez:
If you were the ultimate procrastinator and instead of painting the hall or editing your critique partner’s pages, decided to line up all the Pez candy bricks that have been consumed in the over 80 years of Pez existence, you would circle the equator with Pez 1.5 times. (Who sits around doing such math for fun? Tip: eat them, don’t calculate them and paint the hall and send the critiques).

Mario Pez and Angry Bird Pez with Pez bricks

And the winner is:
Best selling dispenser of all time? Must be Santa, Santa Claus. He’s not just Nr. 1 with Mrs. Claus.

The Pathburners:
On Saturday June 15, 1991 in Mentor, Ohio, the first Pez collectors convened in a Pez übergeek-out that could no doubt rival even a Trekkie convention in geekiness. Whoever said the Buckeyes aren’t trendsetters?

Original Pez were Peppermints

Breaking down borders: They’re sold in over 60 countries worldwide which means they must be good.

Magic number: 12 candies in a roll – any fewer and someone’s swiping your Pez and that’s not cool.

Pez Candy Bricks

Who says education can’t be fun? Pez presidential facts and Pez Pres are now available for purchase over the Pez website – LOVE this – history geeks meet Pez geeks – the ultimate motivation for US history students:  http://www.pez.com/for_educators/

Pez head status – who’s reached the ultimate honor: Kiss, the characters of Star Trek, Dorothy, the Tin Man, Toto & Co, the Hobbits, Mario, the Angry Birds (no longer angry), the Muppets, Elvis, Winnie the Pooh and friends (Eyeore has never looked so happy), Nickelback, Betsy Ross, Daniel Boone, Uncle Sam, Paul Revere and too many more to mention here.

However, if you are dying to know and see them with your own eyes, attend a convention.

But wait! There’s more:

The Official Pez Website

Pez Museum in Connecticut

Seinfeld clip featuring Pez and Tweety: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLnl8pQ4_HU

“Stand By Me” Preview with Pez mention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnY_j85MidU

Cool Pez Video Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpTWcxqfCm8

Interview with Pez Chief, Joe Vittoria

Hurry and grab your Pez Hobbit Gift set at World Market – these won’t last!

Pez Hobbit Dispensers

Pez font

Pez collectors meet all over the world at annual conventions